Join us as Pastor Michael Gondi continues our series with a message on the underdogs.

The Book of Acts | 4

Join Pastor Lynn as she continues the Book of Acts

Join us as Pastor Robin Van Kempen brings us a special message for Father's Day. She speaks about Caleb focusing on the scriptures in Joshua 14. Like ...View Details

The Book of Acts | 3

Listen to Pastor Jason Meleen, our Santa Clara Campus Pastor bring us through Chapter 4:5-31.

The Book of Acts | 2

Join Pastor Robin Van Kempen as she dives into the Book of Acts, chapters 3:1-4 and 4.

Join Pastor Tom on part 2 of The Dog Days of Summer: Dog Day Afternoon where he discusses the importance of taking a Sabbath.

Join Pastor Tom Van Kempen this summer with his new series The Dog Days of Summer as he explains that you can teach an old dog new tricks!

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